Great onboarding book by Intercom summarized:

A successful onboarding flow is not about cheap and quick wins like changing the colour of a button but about enabling the user to experience the magic moment faster. That is what turns them into loyal customers.

Understand functional personal and social goals. Onboarding…

Dynatrace is another high profile SaaS company that went public in 2019 under “DT” for 16$ per share valuing the company at $4.5B. First day of trading saw the shares rise 49% to around 23$ per share.

Evolution of Dynatrace

Dynatrace has had a very circuitous route to where it stands today. It…

What makes AI algorithms difficult to understand is also what makes them great predictors. Machine learning is increasingly being used in critical areas such as healthcare, banking and criminal justice systems.

Regulations Galore

We’re already seeing ample regulation being introduced in various parts of the world:

With data science becoming as ubiquitous as it is deemed to be in all types of companies and industries: AI-first, cloud-native and traditional enterprise, the rise of an infrastructure stack dedicated to AI is inevitable. There are many places where current software engineering tooling falls short — data science development…

Manjot Pahwa

Building in stealth mode, ex @Google engineer and Product Manager for Kubernetes

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