I read about 3 books in a month and 60 pages per hour. Not quite the same as Bill Gates who reads about 150 pages in an hour with 90% retention but I’m slowly getting closer.

There are certain habits I’ve developed over time that have helped me vastly read faster and retain much more. Sharing them here for the benefit of the community:

  • Research the author thoroughly before picking up any book. Research the gist and the…

Great onboarding book by Intercom summarized:

A successful onboarding flow is not about cheap and quick wins like changing the colour of a button but about enabling the user to experience the magic moment faster. That is what turns them into loyal customers.

Understand functional personal and social goals. Onboarding is not a one time function but a continuous process throughout lifecycle of the product.its about changing people’s behaviour. Your users are frustrated doing something & are hoping to do it better,make sure you show that.

Competencies: 1. UI design patterns: don’t just show a list of favourite features, drive…

Born a Crime is the autobiography of Trevor Noah, the South African comedian and host of the The Daily Show. The book starts with the birth story of Trevor through a black South African mother and white Swiss father, which was literally a crime under apartheid. Race division in South Africa was so prominent that the father couldn’t openly play with his own child and the mother had to pretend to be a maid.

It’s a great view of the sense of humour of Trevor, where he moves between humour and deep insights and humour that is several layers deep…

A gripping book about the financial history of the world by Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson. It’s a great walkthrough of the evolution of services like banking, insurance, stock and bond markets and development of real estate. The book is full of great analyses of several financial crises and the systems people create to counter them.

Chapter 1 — Origins of Finance & Banking

The story starts with the need for finance during the barter days. It describes the journey of Pizarro, a Spanish explorer to Peru where he established the Spanish rule. Pizarro’s plunder of rich mountains of silver like Cerro Rico at Potosi was to take back…

Courage to be disliked is a book on Adlerian philosophy i.e. the views of 19th century psychologist Alfred Adler. It’s presented in a traditional old-school philosophical dialogue between a youth and a philosopher. Adler is the less-popular a contemporary of Freud and Jung who differs from their theory of childhood traumas in fundamental ways. Most importantly, your past does not determine your present and it should have no bearing on your current mind. You can change at any time.

Our self is determined not by our experiences but by the meaning we give to them. …

Configuring Kubernetes security for secure communication within the cluster can be very confusing. Julia Evans on her blogpost about this:

The various Kubernetes components have a TON of different places where you can put in a certificate/certificate authority. When we were setting up a cluster I felt like there were like 10 billion different command line arguments for certificates and keys and certificate authorities and I didn’t understand how they all fit together.

So what components exist within a cluster relevant to this discussion?

Kubernetes cluster components include a Master node which has the following components:

Dynatrace is another high profile SaaS company that went public in 2019 under “DT” for 16$ per share valuing the company at $4.5B. First day of trading saw the shares rise 49% to around 23$ per share.

Evolution of Dynatrace

Dynatrace has had a very circuitous route to where it stands today. It started in 2005 originally and remained a private company raising from Bain Capital Ventures and Bay Partners across a $5 million 2007 Series A, a $12.9 million 2008 Series B, and a small 2011 venture round of just $4 million. It got acquired by Compuware for 256M in 2011. Compuware…

What makes AI algorithms difficult to understand is also what makes them great predictors. Machine learning is increasingly being used in critical areas such as healthcare, banking and criminal justice systems.

Regulations Galore

We’re already seeing ample regulation being introduced in various parts of the world:

  • On December 4th, the Federal Reserve Board, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau…

One of the first questions to answer before deploying a model is what is the business risk of deploying this model?

Besides the obvious things to monitor related to the health of the model, there are several aspects about the performance of a model that you will need to monitor in a production setup.

Operational Health

This involves monitoring the basic health, uptime, metrics, latency et al of the model. Other things to monitor wrt traffic include rate changes of traffic, There are many tools both open source and licensed available to monitor the health of your machine learning jobs. …

With data science becoming as ubiquitous as it is deemed to be in all types of companies and industries: AI-first, cloud-native and traditional enterprise, the rise of an infrastructure stack dedicated to AI is inevitable. There are many places where current software engineering tooling falls short — data science development is fundamentally different from software engineering necessitating the need to rethink several layers of this stack. The broad tenets of difference include:

Data science is experimentative and nondeterministic in nature unlike traditional software engineering. There’s a lot of iteration and no deterministic guarantees around end performance or timeline.

Data science…

Manjot Pahwa

Building in stealth mode, ex @Google engineer and Product Manager for Kubernetes

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